How to Introduce Your Dog to Your Baby


Expectant parents who are concerned about how their dog will

respond to their new baby have much to gain from reading this book.


This essential book for new parents reveals the secrets behind successfully introducing your dog to your baby for the first time.

A must for all parents who are nervous about introducing their dog to their baby.


Size: 21cm x 21cm        Pages: 56

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What people have said about this book


   "Talking with children and parents has shown us how useful a book such as this could be. Dogs and kids can make a wonderful combination, but as with any relationship with a dog, it takes time and a consistent approach.

    "We must never forget that a dog is an animal, and a pack one at that, and children by the very nature of their size and age have to be helped to take their correct place in the “family pack”. With a very “child attractive” dog myself I am regularly amazed at the number of parents who still "allow" children to run up to her without any idea how she will react. Or just visit the local dog beach and watch the situations that even very young infants can sometimes find themselves in, amongst a group of dogs.

    "Parents do read this book and listen to Kathy's advice – The RSPCA WA has benefited from her help on many occasions and we recognise the clear guidance for living with a dog that she provides.

As Kathy says the best chance for a good introduction of a child to a dog is education and preparation, something we wholeheartedly agree with. This book will help you take steps to be prepared."

    RSPCA WA Education Unit


    "Kathy has written a excellent book that, while fun and easy to read, is also jam packed with useful information, including how to prepare both the children and the dog for each other and how to interpret and manage a wide variety of common real life potential problems. I would wholeheartedly recommend this book to anyone considering mixing dogs and kids."

    James O'Heare

    Certified Animal Behavior Consultant

    Owner of the Companion Animal Sciences Institute,

    and author of The Dog Aggression Workbook.


    “As Head of the Department of Plastic Surgery at Princess Margaret Hospital unfortunately I come into contact with too many children who have been the unfortunate victims of injuries by dogs...on average we see almost one of these types of injuries per day at PMH and I believe the large majority of these are preventable.

    "This book is informative and helpful on many levels, both for people considering owning a dog and those who already own one. It is also helpful for people who are considering having children and bringing a new child back in to a family where there is already a dog present.”

    Lewis Blennerhassett


   This is the handiest reference guide for anyone with kids &/or dogs.

    "Kathy has provided us with great advice and ideas for managing an anxious puppy around a constantly changing baby – having her book on hand to refer to has helped us to continue her good work.

It’s easy to read with lots of useful insights on how to recognise the signs your dog gives, so you can encourage safe interaction between your dog and kids with great pictures to illustrate the key points.

    "Best of all, you can refer to it again and again, as the need arises. I just wish we’d had this book (and Kathy’s advice!!) from the very beginning!!”

    Jody Stephens – Mum to Kingsley, Udon & Ramen



    "As a Social Worker in the area of child protection, I too often see children who have been harmed. This book provides a safe, practical, and easy to follow comprehensive strategy for introducing your dog and baby.

    "As a Mum with a new baby, I read this book with enthusiasm and hope that it will give me a solid foundation on how to introduce my dog to my baby. The book did more that than that. It provides a comprehensive overview of signs to look for in relation to dog behaviour, stress signs, preparing for the introduction of the dog and baby, alerts you to things to avoid and gives a multitude of gentle positive strategies to train my dog and my baby so we can all live together in harmony.

    "I can’t recommend this book enough for people who have a baby and who are deciding whether to get a dog, for people who have a dog and who are planning a baby, or for people who have a dog and baby already and may need some guidance on creating a harmonious living environment for all family members!"

    Jenny (parent and social worker) and Adam Walters

    Parents of Katie Walters, age 8 months and

    Taya the Rhodesian Ridgeback, age 4 years.

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